Singapore International School, Mumbai
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 Student Life
A Boarders Life at the Singapore International School, Mumbai
Singapore International School's boarding facility ensures a holistic development of students from Grade 3 to Grade 12, grooming them for life's challenges ahead. The school's unique weekly boarding facility ensures a positive attitude to learning that prepares students for university education abroad or in India.
SIS' boarding facility offers:
An environment in which students can question, discover and seek security in the knowledge that everyone looking after them wants the best for them. Students are supervised by a Houseparent who is responsible for the welfare of each student under his or her care. The Houseparents ensure that every child is happy and safe at all times, holding high the belief that SIS boarding is indeed a home away from home. SIS’ Head Boy and Head Girl, being boarders, keep a close eye on their fellow boarding mates, fostering camaraderie amongst students and mentoring their peers;
A structured teaching and learning atmosphere in the evenings during which the dedicated SIS teaching staff, in full strength, work with boarders in their respective fields of expertise- be it Languages, the Humanities, Math, Sciences or other subjects. Boarders work full steam ahead, drawing on the advantage that their specialized coaching offers- “one to one” help, negating the need for extra tuitions outside class or even for SAT and TOEFL exams. Self study, which is research oriented and collaborative through group discussions and team-work, is pursued with a view to prepare SIS students for the rigours of university life;
A surrounding that allows students to study and be free of distractions that often permeate the domestic environment. The SIS campus, with its sprawling grounds, numerous amenities and student-tailored lifestyle allows students to fulfill their academic demands and yet be enveloped in the comfort of nurture;
An uber comfortable ambience which allows students to form friendships that contribute to this integrated family network which the school administration hopes will continue to remain even after students graduate from SIS and embark on their chosen paths;
A dynamic sports and aesthetics arena for boarders. Depending on the sporting season, students will be grouped together so they enjoy their early evenings indulging in Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Chess, Swimming or more. The highlight of "boarder sports" is the close networking with the Housemasters and Co Curricular staff. The bonding and the intricate support structure that is built on the coaching strategies, the encouragement and the strength of the teacher-student rapport is next to none at SIS;
Exposure by way of interactions with visiting guest lecturers such as eminent industry spokespersons. An array of community projects and social service activities are conducted in-house including tree planting, vermiculture, and recycling initiatives all within the sprawling 10-acre campus.
To summarise, the SIS boarding facility enables students to develop and fine tune their sense of self discipline so they become responsible, interested and interesting young people. But beyond the discipline is the belief and the vision that each child is trained to be responsible for his own space, belongings and sensitivities, and to continually sharpen his senses and sympathies for the people around him. SIS inculcates in its boarders independence and self worth so they are equipped with the necessary life skills to take full responsibility for their efforts and achievements.