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Graduation The Class of 2016 - SIS
Fees Policy
  • Payment made towards the Application Form and its processing is non-refundable and does not guarantee applicants admission.
  • Fees need to be paid within seven working days from the date of receipt of Admission Acceptance Letter.
  • Recurring Annual Tuition Fee needs to be paid by the first week of May. Any payments thereafter would attract late payment charges of Rs. 2500/- per week. The student will not be allowed to attend the classes for new academic year without prior payment of the fee. The fees paid to the school are neither refundable nor transferrable under any circumstance.
  • The Annual Tuition fees includes:
    • a) First set of Basic Exercise Books and Course Text Books (from KG 1 to Grade 8)
    • b) Usage of Computer Centre and Internet facilities, laboratories, library, sports facilities and swimming pool.
  • The Annual Tuition fees does not include:
    • a) Smart cards issued to students and consumables in courses such as Art, Craft, Design Technology etc.
    • b) Educational Excursions, Participation in International Student's Exchange programme, Representing school at National/International student's workshop/youth science forums, Admission in Summer school/Domestic and International Leisure Tours, Fee accrued while preparing or appearing of domestic and international Competitive Examinations, Participation in Special School Events and any expense borne towards their participation including the costumes, jewellery and props etc., Board examinations and expenses towards college applications.
    • c) Hobby clubs/classes
    • d) All footwear.
  • The Boarding Fees include:
    • a) Lodging, Recreation Activities, Laundry, Basic Toiletries
    • b) Morning Breakfast and Dinner
Security Deposit will be refunded only if application of withdrawal is duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 7th March in the last Academic year at SIS.
Security deposit will be refunded only after the completion of the annual audit i.e. after 31st July.
No mid year applications will be entertained for security refund under any circumstances. All refunds will be addressed to after the end of the academic year.
Parents will be liable to pay the fees for the next academic year, if application of withdrawal is not duly submitted to the Principal in writing, by 7th March in the last Academic year at SIS.
School Leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount(s) in favour of the school.
If the withdrawal notice is given after 7th March of the running academic year, full academic fees (of the following academic year) shall have to be paid to get a clearance for the Transfer/leaving certificate.
In case of withdrawal any time after the commencement of the academic year the fees for full year shall be charged/forfeited in favour of the school.
In case of students studying in grade 10, if they do not wish to continue in the IBDP, a notice of withdrawal has to be given before 31st January of the academic year, failing which full fees (of the following academic year) shall have to be paid to get a clearance for the Transfer/leaving certificate.
The school leaving certificate will only be issued, only after clearance of all dues and on return of library books. The school leaving certificate will not be issued during vacations.
The Security Deposit collected by the school is an interest free refundable amount, subject to deductions in-case of any damage caused/ dues occurred because of:
  • Mishandling or loosing of School Library Books and Laboratory Equipments
  • Damaging of school IT facilities
  • Third party damage/ loss caused by the student at the time of events
  • Mishandling or damaging the assets of school and transportation
The Security deposit so collected will be refunded, without interest only after adjustment of the above dues is done, on completion of the student's studies at Singapore International School. The full and final settlement of the Security Deposit Amount will happen within 60 days from the date of deregistration.
IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) are two year programme. The student desirous of discontinuing the programme can obtain their School Leaving Certificate and refund of Security Deposit after the clearance of their second year fees.
In case of Expatriates admissions, the same amount deposited as Security Deposited at the time of seeking admissions would be refunded.
The refundable Security Deposit amount will be transferred to the same account from which the deposit was received.
The school leaving certificate will be issued to only those students who have submitted their previous school leaving certificate, at the time of admissions.
The rules and regulations formulated by Singapore International School construe for smooth and effective functioning of the school. Singapore International School, reserves all rights to amend the fee and set regulations when needed and found necessary. The information given in the school's brochure and application material is an indication of Singapore International School's, intent as on the date of publication of this document. The contents of this policy should not to be construed as a binding contract upon Singapore International School and cannot be legally challenged.
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