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Why SIS?

Founding Principles - SIS
Founding Principles
Learner Profile - SIS
Learner Profile
SIS Community
SIS Community
Vision - SIS
To become a vibrant, outstanding institution of learning recognized globally as one of the finest
  • Singapore International School is committed to provide comprehensive international education of the highest quality for Indian as well as international students
  • Foster a spirit of international awareness and understanding throughout the community, encouraging mutual respect, sound values and proficient communication
  • Recognize and nurture each child as a unique individual
  • Promote the qualities of respect and tolerance along with environment and social awareness so that students ultimately become responsible citizens of the world

Carpe Diem is the motto of Singapore International School which means ‘Seize the Day’. It means making the most of each day, balancing fun and hard work to achieve one's career goals. It encourages students to live each day to the fullest. One look at our curriculum, designed for the all-round development of students with equal emphasis on academics, co-curricular activities and you'll know how we intend to live up to our motto.

Core Values
The value system of the school stands on four main pillars:
The School's curriculum and teaching methodology has been designed in a very practical and learner-centric manner. Students are encouraged to think creatively and acquire knowledge through innovative ways that test their analytical and problem-solving skills.
SIS understands that each student has different interests and abilities. Our faculties extend a helping hand to bring out the greatest potential of each student and sensitise them to global issues related to the environment, peace, poverty, conflict resolution and so on.
in Action
While the students are prepared for the competitive global arena through a constructive learning process, they are also taught that winning is not everything in life. Sound moral values are inculcated in each student with the objective of grooming responsible and dignified global citizens.
A Sense of Enterprise
The entire curriculum has been designed to impart education with a global perspective which inspires the students to broaden their horizon and think big.

The IB Learner Profile

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves and the world around them.

Each of the IB's programmes is committed to the development of students according to the IB learner profile.

The profile aims to develop learners who are

  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Open Minded
  • Caring
  • Risk Takers
  • Balanced
  • Reflective
IB Learner Profile - SIS

SIS Community – Home away from Home

Life at SIS – Students at SIS have distinctive opportunities to be a part of a multicultural community of young people.


  • 501 Students
  • 117 Teachers
  • 26 Nationalities
  • 5:1 Student Teacher Ratio

We learn to accept and celebrate our differences, while at the same time we recognize the need for good behavior so everyone in the community may feel safe, loved and respected.

Community - SIS
Pedagogy - SIS
What Sets us Apart - SIS
What Sets us Apart

Where Global meets Local

The global education imparted at SIS is built on core humanistic values meant to turn out educated minds having global perspectives while operating in the national and local domains. To this end the SIS pluralistic community celebrates local and global fests, organizes programme on global issues and has international studies programme and teachers and student exchange components while also using the virtual space to link SIS to the global community.

global education at SIS 

Constructivist and Inquiry based learning

Constructivist approach is based on the principle that “A child learns best when he derives out of his learning”
The inquiry process is adopted here so as to tap the child’s natural curiosity as a point of reference to build in research skills which makes them not just knowledgeable inquirers but also balanced thinkers who are open minded and reflective.

Experiential Learning

This is built on axiom that the best way to learn is by doing. To this end we at SIS have projects based learning, community service expressed through PYP action, round square projects, IAYP and cas programme apart from field and study trips at local, national and International Level.

Authentic Learning

Authentic leaning is promoted through use of real world examples and applications and use of case studies within the ambit of the programme.

Holistic Learning

Holistic education is more than the education of the whole student and addresses the very broadest development of the whole person at the cognitive and affective levels. It emphasizes that education of the child beyond the confines of the classroom.

Cooperative Learning

SIS was the first school in India to conduct a workshop on Cooperative Learning by Dr. Spencer Kagen. The Kagen cooperative structures are instructional strategies designed to promote classroom communication boost students confidence and retain their interests in classroom interactions. These cooperative learning strategies are uncompetitive in nature and its not merely students working in groups but providing structures by which one can capitalize on one another’s recourses and skills and assess individual accountability within the group

Multiple Intelligence

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence is the basis of ensuring that teaching strategies are in tune to a child’s learning style, be it visual, verbal, musical, naturalistic, inter personal, intra personal, kinesthetic, logical and existential.

Constructivist and Inquiry based learning Experiential Learning Multiple Intelligence

Distinctive Features

  • A signature school comprising 500 students
  • Sprawling 8 acre campus
  • Mumbai's only school with term, weekly and day
  • Boarding options
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Teaching faculty of 117
  • Beyond classroom individualised learning
  • Dedicated pottery and dance studio
  • Unique film and music programme
What Sets us Apart - Distinctive Features
Student Support Systems - SIS
Student Support Systems
Holistic Development - SIS
Holistic Development
Investing in the Future - SIS
Investing in the Future

Personal Counseling- (Dedicated Personal Counselors)

Individual / small group intervention

Small group skills training

Outreach Programs

Career and College Counseling

Pastoral Care Team

Enrichment Programme

Individual / small group intervention

Small group skills training

Teacher Librarian

Research and Reading Skills Program

Gifted Students Programme-

We are committed to nurturing gifted individuals to their full potential for the

fulfillment of self and the betterment of society.

Support for Children with Special Needs –SEN Teacher

In-class individual / small group support

Small group skills training (e.g. social skills, study and organizational skills)

Individual / Small Group Intervention Small Group Skills Training
Education with a holistic perspective relates to the overall development of a child's intellect,physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentialities by engaging the child in the learning process. The educator is “a friend, a mentor, a facilitator, or an experienced travelling companion” (Forbes, 1996). With Holistic Education the basic three R’s are Education for: Relationships, Responsibility and Reverence for all life. It is about creating a complete person with ones distinct identity in the colourful mosaic of the global community.
Holistic Development Image 1
Holistic Development Image 2
Holistic Development Image 3
Holistic Development Image 4
Holistic Development Image 5
Holistic Development Image 6


SIS promotes the idea of inculcating servant leadership which implies that such a leadership is about leading with others in mind, valuing diverse opinions, cultivating a culture of trust, developing other leaders, help people with personal development, encourage others, adopt a style of persuasion not commanding, act with humility and make "sustainable" choices, i.e. "Servant leaders sacrifice some today to develop more for tomorrow" - Skip Prichard

University Placement

SIS students have won places in many of the world's most highly selective universities. The school has an excellent track record of college placements for it students, thanks to a strong programme of college counselling by our professional counselling staff.

Investing in the Future - University Placement

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