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PYP Curriculum

What are the various components of the IB PYP?
The Primary Years Programme is a rigorous, international curriculum for students in the age group of 3 – 11 years. It is offered by the International Baccalaureate Organisation and is a part of the IB continuum that has a curricular framework for students from K – 12. The curriculum is broadly encapsulated in six Transdisciplinary Themes which make the Programme of Inquiry.
Core subject areas including Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts and PSPE overlap across these themes in an integrated fashion. Linked conceptually, these themes make the Programme of Inquiry transdisciplinary in nature, enabling the learners to explore different concepts across these subject areas.The pedagogical approach is focused on student inquiry and the principles of constructivism, encouraging learners to construct their own meaning and take the responsibility of their learning process. This concept based approach is evaluated through a variety of assessments thatare continuously conducted to monitor theprogress and development of students.Together, they create a holistic curriculum that is based on current pedagogical and educational research, aspiring to meet international standards in education.
IB International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme - SIS
Why did we choose IB PYP?
SIS started with the Singapore curriculum in its nascent years and went on to adopt a curriculum that is widely accepted and internationally significant. The choice to blend two curricula resulted in maintaining high academic standards. It also helped in the inculcation of values that are typical to the IB PYP. The school was authorised to offer inquiry based learning through the PYP in March 2014. The ethos of IB includes the development of globally and locally aware citizens who can understand and appreciate differences and work collaboratively for a common cause. These ethos are in tandem with the school's vision "To become a vibrant, outstanding institution of learning recognised globally as one of the finest".
Our school shares resources from the Singapore curriculum to intensify the academic content. It also follows the pedagogical guidelines of the IB PYP to make students learning process visible and enduring. In the Lower Primary, SIS has implemented the Reggio Emilia approach which is in full synchrony with the pedagogical practices of inquiry based learning.
At the end of the day, students learn to think critically and act responsibly. This enables them to become global citizens of tomorrow in a rapidly evolving and complex world-'Ready for the world, Ready for the future'.
How does the IB PYP impact our students?
The curriculum goes beyond the academic areas of disciplinary learning and builds human character through its intrinsically embedded value laden programme. It induces nurtures and promotes the virtues of wisdom, courage and compassion that are embodied in our school’s motto.
  • Wisdom: students gain knowledge and understanding by making connections with real life instances, becoming aware of local and global perspectives thereby, engaging minds.
  • Courage: students learn to develop the quality of constructive risk taking. They also learn to demonstrate principled actions, nurturing a sense of enterprise and dignity
  • Compassion: students are sensitized to be compassionate and reflective. They learn to be caring towards themselves, people and the environment through daily actions
pyp curriculum

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