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Round Square at Singapore International School

Inspired by the philosophy and educational models developed by Kurt Hahn, the Round Square programme gives SIS students opportunities to discover their own potential through activities that broaden their horizons, test their limits and challenge them to be the best that they can be, reflecting Kurt Hahn’s assertion that ‘There is more in you than you think.’
Students have opportunities to represent SIS at regional and international RS conferences and in service projects through which, alongside peers from other schools around the world, they forge their own values and demonstrate their commitment to humanitarian and environmental ethics.
What is Round Square?
Round Square is a world-wide association of schools in 50 countries across five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. Students attending Round Square schools are encouraged to make strong commitments, even beyond academic excellence, to personal development, international understanding, environmental stewardship, democracy, leadership and service through their participation in projects, exchange programs and adventure activities which may challenge students through encounters halfway around the world or in their own city and country.
Round Square schools share a commitment to experiential learning built around around six IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.
Round Square IDEALS
Dialogue with peers from other cultures on topics of common concern are a powerful means of promoting deeper international understanding. As students of many nationalities and backgrounds explore issues together, they learn to appreciate and respect the cultures, religions and languages of others and to see themselves as global citizens, looking beyond differences gender, class, race, nationality and culture to understand and value the commonalities and the diversity of human experience. 
By exercising the prerogatives of citizens of a democratic society through responsible use of freedom of thought and speech, as well as by contributing to social and environmental justice through personal service, students gain new perspectives on their rights and duties in a democracy. Students are encouraged to put their talents, energy and knowledge to use in contributing to the welfare of others.
Environmental stewardship
Students often have opportunities to experience the natural environment and to gain deeper understanding of environmental issues. They are challenged to tackle environmental problems as well as to protect our natural heritage, taking a fair measure of responsibility for their actions in maintaining a healthy relationship between human beings and the planet.
Challenging outdoor activities build the body and soul through adventures in which students take on physical challenges and develop an appreciation of their own capacities. SIS arranges outdoor and extra-curricular activities beyond the walls of the school such as trekking, climbing, and other adventure experiences that strongly engage students, individually and within groups, in ways that promote personal growth and self discovery .
Through opportunities for leadership with increasing levels of responsibility in the school community as well as RS conferences and service projects, and also through RS activities designed to foster leadership skills, students learn that genuine leadership is rooted in personal responsibility, kindness, justice and dedication to promoting the common good. Outstanding student leadership is recognised and honoured. Students have opportunities to interact with renowned leaders from India and abroad, to learn from their experience and wisdom.
Service is a central part of the Round Square ethos. By committing to dedicate a significant amount of personal time to school-sponsored, regional or international service projects, students learn many invaluable skills for collaborating with others to achieve common goals, as well as gaining empathy for the challenges which others face in life. The aim is to prepare students for a fruitful and rewarding life in which service to others will continue to be a high priority. Each student is encouraged to dedicate a substantial amount of time to service through individual volunteering, school service projects, and/or Round Square regional and international projects.
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