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SIS enjoys recognition from the followingstate education departments and affiliation with Singapore, the Cambridge Examination Board and theIBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation)
International Baccalaureate

IBO (International Baccalaureate Organisation)

The IB diploma prepares students for entrance in universities across different countries.It is equivalent to the British 'A' levels, the Australian Higher School Certificate, the German Abitur, the French Baccalaureate and other similar examination-based systems.

The IB Programme is recognized by all leading foreign universities and the association of Indian Universities. The IBO has 1438 authorised schools in 114 countries. IBO accreditation is proposed for the Diploma Programmes of Singapore International School.

University Of Cambridge (International Examinations)

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a 2-year programmethat offers an internationally recognizedcertificate, equivalent to the British GCSE and the IGCSE.There are over 800 registered Cambridge centres across 150 countries. The qualification provides a foundation for higher level courses such as, 'A' and 'AS' levels, the Advanced International Certificate of Education, the North American advanced placement programme and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

CIS (Council of International Schools)

The Council of International Schools is the premier organisation in international education for the accreditation of schools and best practice development. CIS is a not-for-profit organization,comprising of more than600 member schools and 450 colleges and universities. It has experience of K–12 education in more than 100 countries and many of the council's officers and consultants are former heads of international schools. The central purpose of CIS is to enable member organisations to achieve and deliver the highest standards in international education and continually improve the outcome of student learning.

The Australian Boarding Schools’ Association (ABSA)

The Australian Boarding Schools’ Association (ABSA), as the leading authority in Australia on boarding for school-aged children, promotes the interests and well-being of boarders, boarding staff, boarding parents and boarding institutions in Australia. ABSA continues to advance the profile of boarding and best practice in boarding and facilitates communication on boarding matters between schools, hostels, educational bodies and governments both in Australia and overseas.

STU (Singapore Teacher’s Union)

The STU will monitor and audit the instructional programmes with strict quality control on teaching processes. In addition to this, 25,000 educators from STU will work closely with the school to provide total assistance in curriculum, teachers training, staff recruitment, reading material selection and so on.

The school has also entered into an agreement with Educare Co-operative (Singapore) to be actively involved in its key areas of operation.

SIS Cambridge Professional Development Centre

SIS Cambridge Professional Development Centre offers Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications. SIS as a Cambridge School provides the Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning in order to foster the growth of SIS Professional Learning Community. The Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning are quality assured by Cambridge, with an accredited Cambridge PDQ Programme Leader responsible for the design and teaching of the programme in the Centre.

Round Square

Round Square is an international organisation of forward thinking schools based on the vision that education is not limited to the class room. Round Square membership is based on the school’s vision and commitment to educate students beyond the classroom, at all levels. The six pillars, referred to as the IDEALS articulate the areas of the Round Square programme: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental stewardship, Adventure Leadership and Service.

These pillars are in perfect alignment with the school’s motto, core values, vision and mission.The philosophy of the Round Square programme is not only in perfect alignment with our school’s vision but it also has similarities with IB (particularly the CAS component and the Learner Profile), IAYP, and other youth programmes such as Outward Bound. They all have acommon goal of educating the child with an emphasis on social, cultural, linguistic and environmental experiences thatform their character and prepare them for active global citizenship.

Reggio Emilia India Foundation

Reggio Emilia India Foundation is a non – profit organization dedicated to bring out the potential of children aged between 0-6 years. It works with a view to provide a holistic approach to education and development of the child, using the environment as a resource. The foundation believes in giving wings to the child's natural curiosity and creativity which is deeply inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and Reggio Children, Italy. Singapore International School supportsthis inspiration and brings important elements of the approach into the Early Years Programme and Lower Primary Division. The schoolbelieves that education has to focus on the child in relation to the family, teachers, environment of the school, community and the society and not in isolation.

College Board

College Board is an American private nonprofit corporation. It wasformed in 1900 as College Entrance Examination Board to expand access to higher education. College Board conducts the PSAT and SAT examinations. Singapore International School is a centre for PSAT exams. Registration for SAT Exams is done by the students themselves. To register, students have to create a College Board Account. College Board helps the students select a centre of their own choice. Schools authorized to conduct the PSAT exams register the students. The results are then sent to the school.


The ACT is America’s most widely used undergraduate admissions test. All colleges and universities in United States and Canada accept ACT scores for admissions.

ACT is a nationally administered, standardized paper-and-pencil test that is universally accepted for college admission throughout the United States and Canada. Universities now accept either your ACT or SAT scores.

The ACT test is made up of four individual tests, each of which is designed to measure academic achievement in a major area: English, mathematics, reading, and natural sciences.

Singapore International School is now a Testing Center for ACT.

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