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College counselling
Singapore International School delivers a comprehensive program that assists each student in a thoughtful, appropriate and well-researched career and college search within the framework of the student’s academic interests and strengths. Every student is encouraged to take a challenging course of study appropriate to his/her level in order to prepare for college and life beyond SIS. The counselling office helps students explore career options and provide resources for career and college planning. We also handle college/university visits, each year over 80 institutions visit SIS from all over the world. Our on-going communication with parents and students through web portals such as Naviance, regular individual and group sessions, parent orientations, PTMs, etc. are some ways we support the college application process.
SIS Counselling Philosophy
  • Understand each student’s academic interests and strengths
  • Recognize individual and family personal goals
  • Encourage each student to take a challenging course of study appropriate to his/her level
  • Educate student, family and SIS community regarding the college search and application process
Our staff is committed to fulfilling these goals.
SIS Counselling
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