The PreACT is a pre-exam for the ACT designed by ACT, the non-profit organization of the same name that administers the ACT. The PreACT is a slightly shorter, slightly easier exam designed to help students prepare for the official ACT exam by simulating the test and testing experience. Singapore International School is a centre for the PreACT examination since 2015. Registration for the PreACT examination can be done through the school only. PreACT is conducted once a year for grade 10 and grade 11.

Students’ performance on the PreACT will help them make a plan to reach the ACT score they aspire to. The range of PreACT scaled scores is 1–35. The PreACT scores can be compared directly to the ACT’s scores on the 1–36 scale. For example, a score of 25 on the PreACT indicates the ability to score 25 on the ACT then. The PreACT score report also includes predictive scores, which estimate how 10th-grade students will perform in the ACT. PreACT gives students exposure to the ACT, its question types & formatting.

At Singapore International School, we conduct PreACT once a year in January.

It is strongly recommended to appear for PreACT before appearing for the actual ACT examination in Grade 10 or before the ACT exam in Grade 11.

Kindly note: Students will not be able to register for the exam from their end. Once the school receives a request, the school will register for the exam on the student’s behalf.

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