The PSAT / NMSQT is the preliminary version of the SAT that puts students on the path to University with SAT practice, skills feedback, scholarship opportunities, as well as university and career planning tools.

The PSAT / NMSQT familiarises students with the test questions and the format of the final SAT examinations. PSAT scores might qualify students for a National merit scholarship and Award merit scholarship (US Citizen). Colleges do not use PSAT scores when making admissions decisions.

Taking the PSAT helps one not only to get familiar with the question types and the test format but also get used to the proctoring as well as the time pressure that are integral parts of the test-taking experience. Once you become comfortable after taking the PSATs, the SAT may not be that challenging or stressful. It is strongly recommended to appear for PSAT before appearing for the actual SAT examination in Grade 10 or Grade 11.

Registration for the PSAT examination is to be done through school only. PSAT is conducted once a year.

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